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Getting married is an exciting time and there are millions of different wedding ideas for someone who is engaged.  There are so many that it can be overwhelming. We tried KC Bouncy Castle Hire and also MJ Castles – both of whom come recommended. The best of these are choices that can work for any couple and will offer a unique and special experience that is all their own.

The Unique Country Wedding

A country wedding is one choice that many couples are making.  This choice offers a lot of DIY options for the choices for those who are a part of the wedding.  There are a ton of options for great décor that is made with barn wood and photographs or with mason jars.  Other ideas could be a bouncy castle or even a rodeo bull. With so many options to choose from one is just going to need some time and the ability to make decisions based on their income.  Country weddings can be elaborate or they can be simple but all of them will be well loved and enjoyed.

Going Places—Destination Weddings are the Trend

A destination wedding is one of the biggest trends at this time.  People are moving away from the trend of just eloping and are inviting their friends and family to celebrate with them on a trip.  They are choosing exotic locations or even places that are close to home and allowing the guests to enjoy a week or weekend of celebration instead of just celebrating at a wedding and a reception.

Magic Can Really Happen at a Wedding

Many people want to remember their wedding day as a complete magical experience.  One great thing to consider is making the wedding a magical experience for everyone.  A great way to do this is to hire someone that is in the entertainment field.  A magician can entertain guests in a unique way while still allowing for an elegant and grown up setting.  Additionally the magician can perform a special children’s set or show during times when quiet and well entertained children would be appreciated.

Choosing to hire someone to offer special entertainment at a wedding might sound risky and some would think that this could be considered tacky but this is one of the hottest trends.  The unique wedding that is a celebration of the couple and all things that are unique about them is something that is increasing in popularity all of the time.  In fact even the rich and famous are choosing special performers and entertainers to perform at their weddings and offer their guests a night that will not soon be forgotten.

All the Fun, Skipping the Ceremony in Light of a Reception Only

Let’s face it, weddings are expensive and many people can not afford to do it all.  Some feel that it is silly and a waste of money to invest so much time and effort into one day.  If this is a feeling that the couple shares, there are still great ways to enjoy their special day.  The couple does not have to go all out, hiring a minister, getting married in a well decorated church, and coordinating a full scale wedding.  Instead they can marry in an inexpensive and private ceremony and they can celebrate with friends and family at a reception.

Here is where they can bend the rules a bit more.  The reception can be done in any style that is going to best celebrate who they are.  It can be held at a concert or event where the guests have a private area to enjoy themselves.  It can be in their backyard or home or it can be a in a typical hall where receptions are held all of the time.  Regardless of where it is held the entire event should be focused on the couple and who they are to make it best memory for them.

Retro Choices for Something Different

There are many different choices that could be right for a couple that involve going old school.  Retro weddings are a fun way to celebrate a previous time while also celebrating the couple at the same time.  This wedding theme can go to a more recent year when the couple met or when they were younger or it can go to a decade that was far before their time.

One of the more popular time periods to consider with a retro wedding is the 1930’s.  This decade is known for its grandness and for great things.  It was a time of balls, flappers, and beautiful clothing.  It was a time that is now being celebrated with others and a great choice for someone looking for fun wedding ideas.

Photobooths Create the Best Memories

Photobooths are one of the most popular wedding trends today.  There are many reasons why this is one of the best possible wedding ideas for couples to consider.  One of the biggest reasons is that a photobooth will save the couple money in the long run because the photographer can be booked for less time.  This means that it is a great budget option.

Some photobooths will even come with a prop box allowing for guests to have a good time trying out different looks throughout the night.  In addition the couple will get a copy of all of the photos that are taken so that they can create their own books.  The guests will get to take their photos home too which means that they are getting a little bit of a party favor when they step into the booth.  The only real consideration with photobooths is for couples to choose two if they are going to have a lot of guests to make sure that lines are never too long.

Budget Food Choices to Save You Thousands

Food choices are quickly changing and this trend is one of the best for those looking to save money with their wedding.   There are choices for buffet lines, appetiser or small bite meals, and even snacks and favourite foods.  Today it is not uncommon to see pasta, tacos, or even pizza at weddings.  Instead of having to go all out and celebrate with a fancy meal couples are finding it better to have a meal that they would enjoy any day of the week and in the process the guests eat more and the couple saves money.

Making one’s own food is also a good idea.  Choosing to make some of the food or all of the food is another great way to be able to save a considerable amount of money in the long run.

Each of these wedding ideas is a great choice for different couples and something that can be great for everyone.  Regardless of who a couple is they can gain inspiration from these and make the wedding uniquely their own.

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