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Sweet “Icky” Candy Floss… Yum!

As they say, the best years of our life is when we are kids because we experience all the fun in the world without thinking about tomorrow. We enjoy everything, especially foods which are unlimited. At this moment, we tend to hesitate to taste all the great foods in the world because all we know is we love to have fun and make the most out of everything. We do not care if we get fat or get some cavities because we just want to live and eat and play then sleep. Everything for us is simple that all we want is to have lots of sweets in our hands and pockets and we are ready to face everything on that day.

Fun fairs are very popular as well in adults because aside from the clowns and magicians everywhere, there are foods that are being distributed for free. Just like the candy flos machines which are very nostalgic  because it can give you the sweetest cotton candy on earth. Aside from this, there are candies and ice creams everywhere that make it all worth it. As a kid, you will feel very loved and pampered by just having those goodies with you. This is the reason why whenever there are occasions, organisers always get some goodie vendors to accommodate all the kids and kids at heart to satisfy their sweet tooth tendencies.

Cotton Candies for Special Occasions

Occasions such as birthdays, weddings, fun fair and other events which involve kids, cotton candy or candy floss is always available because kids love it. Kids at heart want to have this as well every once in a while. It is hard to resist this sweetest cotton once you saw it because the appearance will make you want to try to bite it. It is like giving you a treat to enjoy this amazing food that looks like cotton in a stick. Thanks to William Morrison and John C. Wharton because they are the one that introduces us to this lovely treats at the year 1897. They have sold 25 cent per box and a total of 68 thousand boxes during the world’s fair on 1904 which is during that time is a big amount of money. This is where they introduce this fluffy candy to the world and until then people can’t get enough with this sweets.

The color of the candy floss is very attractive to kids because cotton candy makers use pink, white and blue colors which make it more look like a cloud. You know how kids love to eat this and think that this is an actual cotton or cloud. In the year 1972, candy floss machines were invented and it varies in sizes depending on how you want to showcase your candy floss. The first machine that is being used to make candy floss is the use of fire which will melt the sugar then as the machine rotates, the melted sugar will become fine strands that when mixed with the air it becomes fluffy. But then William Morrison and John C. Wharton which are both devoted as candy makers, not to mention that they are both dentists. They have developed and invented a more convenient machine that uses electricity. It has the outer bowl which in turn catches the melted sugar as the sugar is mixed to the air and cooled, it becomes the thread structure which when captured by a stick, will pile up and became cotton like substance.

The name cotton candy became popular when the machine was being developed as well. The cotton candy became more popular because of the circus where clowns always offer this to kids as their treat. This is being sold at the park, malls and other places where there are kids because this is really popular to them. Businessmen that cater food add this up to their dessert treat especially if they are into catering businesses. Especially during weddings where there are a lot of kids roaming around, they give this to keep them in one place. As they say, if you want to get your kids into one place, then make them busy by putting something delicious in their mouths. The cotton candy is the best finger food as well because it has less sugar compared to soft drinks or juices so you do not have to worry about your kid’s health. Your kid will not be bloated as well because this is very light on the stomach because the structures have more air than the actual ingredients. This is a fat free food which you are safe to eat it as well if you are very conscious with

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