Bouncy Castles + Ice Cream = WOW

Ice cream can always be considered as an all-time favourite food snack by most individuals despite of the different ages and genders. Anywhere you go, you can always find ice cream stands especially on theme parks. However, if you are really an ice cream addict and even wanted to have this and make a business out of it, then you can make use of the now popular ice cream carts.

Ice cream carts or bicycles as what others would call them is a good investment since no one can ever neglect it. Aside from having different flavours inside your cart, what’s good about this is that you can travel your ice cream and let the whole community taste it.  This would not only help you generate an income but also allows the masses to taste your one of a kind delicious ice cream. If you are contemplating on how it will last, you don’t have to worry since these bicycles enable the ice cream product to be stored for a long period of time. And if you think you are artistic enough then you might design your own cart to attract more customers.

Have you decided yet?

Furthermore, before setting up these bicycles you have to make sure that you have a permit for safety precautions. You can find the necessary requirement for the permit in your local city hall. Some of these permits include a business insurance and license, ice cream vendor permit, food handling permit and most importantly a health permit. Apart from all these permits, if possible make sure that you have a valid driver’s license since you will be travelling your ice cream product everywhere you want it to be.  There are also vending laws from which you need to think about. Since you can personalise your own bicycle, evidently there would always be music to attract your targeted customers. But this music that you will be using should always conform to the local laws especially on the noise ordinance laws and other vending laws.

Things to be considered… Aside from the bicycle, you have also to make sure that the freezers you would be using are tangible and will last long. This is not only for you to save a little amount but to make sure that your ice cream will not be spoiled. The place and season would also be a factor you need to consider. Specifically, these ice creams would really be attractive and will hit the masses during spring and summer. In these seasons, you place your bicycles in parks, stadiums and even city streets as long as you can obtain a proper and legal permission. Lastly, you need to think of the flavour you wanted. You can opt for those special and unusual flavours to make your bicycle stand out. You can also use organic ice creams if you want. These are only some of the information you need to know before setting up an ice cream stand. Think clearly before investing into this.

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